Individual Adult Sessions:  Individual adult sessions are 45 minutes long and focus on the specific challenges that you want to work on.  Cognitive, mindfulness-based, and creative art therapy techniques are used in this process. Techniques from Somatic Experiencing are also used to support healthy regulation and for building your resiliency.

Individual Child Sessions: Individual child sessions are 45-60 minutes long and incorporate skill building, emotional regulation, and art and play therapy techniques to help the child learn how to overcome their difficulties in age-appropriate ways.  If a child suffers from ADHD, a conduct disorder  or developmental delay, sessions are geared to address their specific diagnosis.  Collateral sessions with the child’s parent or guardian are scheduled during regular intervals to help them best support their child and to discuss progress.

Family Sessions: Family sessions last between 60 and 75 minutes.  The emphasis is on supporting  and coaching effective communication styles between family members, identifying obstacles that keep communication from flowing,  and examining family roles that are inflexible or do not support growth.  The goal of family therapy is to help the family develop into a more adaptive system where individuals can reach their full potential and healthy relationships can thrive.

Supervision: As a New York State licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT), I offer individual supervision to creative arts therapists working towards their license or seeking support for their clinical work.

Creativity Workshops and Trainings:   In collaboration with other mental health professionals, my practice provides short-term trainings and workshops for educators and health care professionals to help them cope with burn-out, as well as to provide them with specific art therapy-based clinical skills that can help them best address their clients’ needs.  Please contact me for further information about these workshops.

 Recent trainings: 

  •  Vicarious Trauma Workshop for Lawyers- Unlocal Community Immigration Legal Services (2017)