Gabriela Portas

Psychotherapist / Art Therapist

About Gabriela Portas

I am a New York State licensed creative arts therapist working with adults, families, and children who are seeking to overcome their personal barriers using a collaborative approach that incorporates creative expression. My focus is on helping you explore your own capacity for healing within the framework of a safe and trusting therapeutic environment. I use the artistic process, mindfulness-based interventions, and principles from Somatic Experiencing to help you increase your awareness and be able to meet life’s challenges with equanimity and authenticity. I believe in the capacity of each individual to draw on existing strengths to remove present-day obstacles, as well as to delve into longer-seated issues that might keep you from making life choices that best support reaching your full potential. As a native Spanish-speaker with multicultural roots, I also bring a unique and compassionate perspective to my work with individuals who are culturally diverse.

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About Gabriela Portas

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