Therapy can be undertaken for many different reasons.  Maybe life has become increasingly stressful and your usual ways of coping are not working any more.  Perhaps long-standing hurts and issues start interfering with your everyday life.  Chronic conditions such as depression or anxiety might be hard to deal with, even with medication treatment.  The beginning or end of a relationship or  a work situation might feel like too much to handle.  Or perhaps you’re noticing that your child is  having a hard time at home or at school and doesn’t seem to get better despite your best efforts. All of these issues might bring an individual or a family into treatment.  Whatever the initial reason for seeking out therapy, the therapeutic process is always a unique, personal exploration that can give you, your child, or your family the opportunity to grow and gain insight into the nature of your/their struggles.  Working with a therapist can also teach you  and your family new strategies and coping skills to meet life’s challenges and to better manage symptoms from mental or physical illness.