I am a psychotherapist trained to work with individuals and families in many different ways, using approaches that are tailored to each individual or family .  One of the tools I have at hand as a creative arts therapist is using art-making as part of the healing process. You do not need to be an artist to use art in this way!  As an art therapist, I can guide you through the use of different expressive materials to support your personal therapeutic process.  The purpose of art making in therapy is not to create a finished product, but to support integration and healing through accessing the non-verbal and creative centers that each individual is inherently endowed with.  The use of art in therapy is particularly beneficial when working through traumatic experiences, as well as for adults and children who suffer from depression and anxiety. It’s been shown to be effective for individuals with ADHD, speech or developmental delays,  or neurobiological conditions that affect executive functioning.  It’s also highly effective for individuals who simply have a hard time verbalizing their difficulties and may find alternative forms of expression a more direct way to communicate their needs.

For more information about art therapy, please consult the American Art Therapy Association.