Families and individuals who immigrate to the United States from other countries frequently experience a variety of stressors that can impact their psychological health. Leaving behind family members and other social connections while adjusting to a new environment, language, and culture can be a hard adjustment. Experiences of racism or discrimination can add even more stress to the process of adjustment.  Feelings of depression/grief, anxiety, or helplessness  often come up as a result.  

Another important impact of immigration on families is that parents and children can engage in the adjustment process differently. Children become socialized with their peers and may align with the values of U.S. culture in ways that are contrary to their parents’ experiences.  Expectations of what success means in the U.S. can lead to challenges. Other possible sources of stress include: how to balance maintaining the values of your culture of origin while adapting to U.S. culture? How do you find appropriate services to support your integration? For parents, how do you best support your children so they succeed academically and find healthy ways to socialize?

In our work together, we will determine what the best therapeutic support is for your particular situation.  I offer family, parent-child, and individual sessions depending on where the source of stress is highest.  We then work together to find solutions that bring into balance personal, family, and cultural needs. My work rests on first understanding and respecting your culture of origin, and then strengthening your capacity to adapt and thrive in the United States.